DISCOVERY COMBO PACK - 1 Pack 3 Flavours


One bottle of each taste for all the fun in one go!


ACTIVATE is a delicious Lemon & Lime flavoured functional beverage with only 6 calories per bottle and filled with the essentials to activate you early on a  Monday morning to work or the gym. We have included all the important ingredients to make you feel energized and focused to crush your upcoming goals. Ginseng and Guarana are included for that healthy alternative to caffeine. Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B7, B8 & B12 are added for all that good mental performance & healthy function of the nervous system including some good old Magnesium for an extra push in fatigue reduction and tiredness.

RECOVER is a delicious Raspberry & Blueberry flavoured functional beverage with only 4.6 calories per bottle and filled with the essentials to help you recover. We know you are unstoppable and therefore we didn't stop with just adding Vitamin D to the list of ingredients, but we filled it with Vitamin A, B5, B7 & B12 to help you recover even quicker.

ANTIOXIDANT is a delicious Peach & Green Tea flavoured functional beverage with only 5 calories per bottle and filled with the essentials that are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are very important to stop oxidative stress which can harm the cells and body function such as inflammation, arthritis and immune deficiency. Therefore we decided to add Ginseng & Green Tea for it's well known benefits in antioxidants and higher energy boost. We have also added the big three, Vitamins C, D & E that help the immune system after physical exercise with maintenance of muscle function and inflammation response including protection of your DNA.