CLEVERWATER is revolutionizing the concept of hydration with its innovative line of nutritional vitamin water, setting new standards in the realm of healthy refreshment. Crafted for those who seek more than just quenching their thirst, CLEVERWATER emerges as a distinguished choice amidst the plethora of conventional soft drinks, offering a wealth of nutritional benefits without compromising on taste or refreshment.

At the heart of CLEVERWATER's mission is the commitment to provide a healthy, natural alternative that stands in stark contrast to the high-calorie, high-sugar beverages that dominate the market. Each bottle of CLEVERWATER is formulated with a meticulous blend of vitamins and minerals, specifically chosen for their health-enhancing properties. This careful selection ensures that every sip not only hydrates but also nourishes your body, supporting overall wellness.

In a world increasingly aware of the importance of healthy living, CLEVERWATER stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a refreshing, nutritious alternative that not only satisfies thirst but also supports a lifestyle of wellness and vitality. Experience the difference with CLEVERWATER – where every sip is a step towards a healthier, hydrated, and happier you.

Raspberry & Blueberry


Peach & Green Tea


Lemon & Lime


What makes us unique?


We have included the most effective vitamins for each function. From vitamins A, C, D, E to a selective B-Complex


We know the importance of minerals in our diets. In most countries over 50% of the population has a deficiency so we added Magnesium & Zinc


Our planet provides us with several healthy alternatives to caffeine and energy boosters. Therefore we have added Ginseng, Guarana & Rhodiola to our drinks


We are are unique is several possible ways. Our ingredients, our unique design, our unique flavours and more specifically we are young and motivated to bring back the fun in healthy alternatives